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National Franchise Conference
15-17 June 2022 | Wellington







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The business environment is critical to our success, our speakers will share informative insights and draw on relevant franchising experience to challenge your status quo and propel you to shift gears.

Ed Quinlan

Thursday 1 July 2021

Creating a Franchise System that Adapts in an Ever-Changing Marketplace

The modern marketplace is full of change. The pace of evolution in technology is rapid. The expectations of consumers are growing as they demand more from their providers. Ed Quinlan shares insights to Chem-Dry’s innovative culture of change, without losing respect for its foundation. With pillars focused on Innovation, Market Share Growth, Service Excellence, and Franchisee Profitability, Chem-Dry continues to outperform competitors in the services industry.

About Ed Quinlan

Ed Quinlan is the President of Chem-Dry, the world’s largest carpet, upholstery, tile and wood cleaning company. Fourteen years ago, Ed started in the company’s marketing department, and with a focus on franchisee success, worked to eventually oversee the organisation’s Franchise Operations team before being named President in 2019. Chem-Dry, started in 1977 with a core focus on innovation, is currently in 57 countries (including a fantastic operation in New Zealand) with more than 4,000 franchises worldwide. Chem-Dry franchisees focus on deep cleaning processes that make homes Healthier for families, kids and pets. 

Arif Khan

Restaurant Brands
Chief Executive Officer NZ
Thursday 1 July 2021

The Evolution of Pizza Hut

Arif will share how the Pizza Hut brand has transformed to give modern pizza consumers what they want, when they want it – and evolved its business model to win in a hyper-competitive QSR landscape.

About Arif Khan

Arif Khan has been in the franchising business for 26 years, starting his career with Restaurant Brands in Hamilton whilst a student. Arif has extensive senior management experience in the Fast Food Sector, with much offshore experience. Arif moved to Dubai in 2006 to the role of - Regional Head L&D (Yum restaurants Int.) Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey based in Dubai (6 years). He has also held roles in Brisbane with the minor DKL group and Jardine Group in Vietnam. Arif led the Master Franchising strategy for Pizza Hut in NZ and was instrumental in the turnaround of the NZ Pizza Hut business. Whilst based offshore in Vietnam Arif pioneered the fast-casual Delco concept in Asia, accelerating growth in stores and doubling the Vietnam Pizza Hut business - making it the most loved and fastest-growing brand in Vietnam. Arif studied and trained in Aircraft engineering (Avionics), however, Arif’s career with Restaurant Brands has developed his interest in the Quick Service Restaurant industry. Arif currently holds the position of Restaurant Brands CEO NZ and Group COO.

Cassie Roma

MC & Opening Speaker
Thursday 1 July 2021

Making Sense of Tech (& Beyond) in Today's Modern Media Landscape

The world seems to be spinning at the speed of life these days. When it comes to content, social media, community management & creating opportunities to do better by & for others, life’s speed is faster than anything we’ve ever seen before. Millennials make up more than half of the workforce, Gen Z are demanding businesses are ethically driven, & Gen Alpha are making their own rules up to the proverbial game. We’re connected at all times, but we’re also more disconnected than ever. So, what’s the trick for brands when it comes to making the biggest impact & getting the balance right? In this session, we’ll look at where we’ve been, where we are, & where we’re going as brands to understand our modern media landscape as well as how each of us can dial-up our very own secret weapons of marketing & brand to lead to long-term success.

About Cassie Roma

Cassie is a California native, and after 17 years in New Zealand, a proud YanKiwi. Passionate about creative content, social media strategy, the influencer economy, & storytelling across mediums both emerging and traditional, Cassie has literally lived & breathed the digital revolution.
Whilst she has spent the majority of her career working in and with large corporates, she is now a fully-fledged entrepreneur, working as both Founder & Director of CR&Co, a game-changing consultancy & multi-media business built around the impactful areas of brands where creativity, content and code collide.
Cassie has been awarded & recognised globally as a thought leader in the fields of social media marketing, storytelling for brands, digital marketing, & the anthropological power of brand in the lives of consumers. She’s also an author, keynote speaker, TEDx alumni, professional coach and mentor.
Beyond the office, Cassie spends her free time working on projects that she’s passionate about – most of which aim to lift others through education, diversity, & action. Cassie is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community & speaks often on topics that include Pride and empowering women in the workplace.

Julie Evans and Lachlan McPherson

Rodney Wayne
Friday 2 July 2021

Always hair for you, The Rodney Wayne experience in the digital world

Creating demand and desire across all channels “ALWAYS ON”
Starting out in Auckland’s CBD, Rodney Wayne opened his first salon in1980. Immediately the lavishly-decorated salon captured the attention of Aucklanders looking for a world-calls style. Today Rodney Wayne remains the most recognisable name in hair care in New Zealand.

About Julie Evans and Lachlan McPherson

Julie Evans - CEO - Rodney Wayne
Julie has been with Rodney Wayne for sixteen years now, building her way up from Christchurch Regional Manager to CEO. Julie joined Rodney Wayne after several years of commendations, success and executing premium growth strategies for international brands.
Julie has a philosophy “We think globally and act locally, this is our competitive edge, but loving and caring for our clients is simply everything.” says Julie. Today Rodney Wayne have 32 salons and 16 shampoo ‘n’ things shops throughout New Zealand. “We devised a fantastic operating system totally centered on caring for and loving our clients.”

Lachlan McPherson - Brand Developer - Rodney Wayne
Lachlan McPherson is co-founder of brand development and marketing company Lachlan McPherson & Friends Limited.
Lachlan McPherson & Friends has helped create positive behavioural change for leading New Zealand and International brands like Rodney Wayne.
Lachlan was ranked New Zealand’s number one creative by Campaign Brief magazine, his work for The Coca Cola Company has a chapter devoted to it in the book How Asia Advertises; The Most Successful Campaigns in Asia Pacific and the Marketing Strategies Behind Them.

Michelle van Gaalen

Laser Plumbing & Electrical
Managing Director
Friday 2 July 2021

Values Based Leadership in a Changing World

Michelle will talk about her experiences and viewpoints of the changing role of leaders in today’s world.  She will also share perspectives and views on the roles and responsibility of franchisors around leadership.

About Michelle van Gaalen

Michelle has had an eclectic career both in New Zealand and offshore, primarily in the consumer services industries. Michelle is Managing Director of Smith&Smith®/Laser Plumbing and Electrical, both iconic NZ brands. Smith&Smith® is a corporate owned and operated business, while Laser Plumbing & Electrical is a franchise / member-operated business.
Prior to her current role, Michelle was CEO at Pinnacle Life, and has had over thirty years experience in business and leadership roles.
She is also currently a member of the board of the NZ Government Superannuation Fund Authority, and a Director of Kiwi Insurance Limited.
Michelle is passionate about the role of leaders in moving New Zealand forward, and the personal responsibility we need to take to be the best leaders that we can be, each and every day.

MBIE Session

Friday 2 July 2021

How franchising can proactively support positive employment practices

Facilitated by:

  • Loua Ward – Regional Manager – Counties Manukau
  • Jonathan To – Principal Advisor Assurance and Sector Engagement

About MBIE Session

MBIE – Employment New Zealand’s goal is to create better outcomes for all New Zealanders, particularly by supporting business growth.  MBIE are responsible for the delivery, advice, regulation and services that have a real impact on people, businesses and the environment within which they operate.
This session will unpack the recent changes in the employment space, highlighting Employment New Zealand’s specific areas of interest including their importance and relevance to franchising.
Loua and Jonathan will provide some background and examples as to the issues that they are encountering and how franchisors can identify the red flag signals.  They will offer practical suggestions and templates for franchisors to use with their franchisees, to ensure that franchisees are fully up to speed with their obligations as responsible employers.
As a result of this session, you should gain answers to the following questions.
- I am a responsible franchisor with a respected brand, and I want to do the right thing by the law and by my franchisees – how can I ensure compliance?
- If there is an investigation happening with a franchisee –what can I do to be informed about the issue before it reaches the media?
- What should “I” as franchisor, do if a franchisee won’t comply with our requests to view their records for their employment agreements – claiming the privacy laws?

Mike King

Closing Speaker
Friday 2 July 2021

Conquering the Inner Critic

Mental Health Educator, Mike King, will share his life experience and stories of how he overcame drug and alcohol addiction, and his continued battle against depression. In Mike’s talk, he will touch on three main points to help you develop a support system within your workplace. Mike will reveal how to identify behaviours of depression in the workplace, how your members can best support personal and professional wellbeing and understanding your own personal well-being. Mike’s talk will be insightful, funny, revealing with a hint of vulnerability – this is a journey that will give everyone hope!

About Mike King

Mike King has for years been known as the iconic Kiwi entertainer, but that role has changed dramatically since the conception of his hugely popular radio show "The Nutters Club".
These days Mike is better known for his work as a prominent mental health educator and motivational speaker with the work he does under his charity and with his conference speaking. Mike's aim is to reverse the population trends of depression and suicide by effecting a positive social change.
Mike works with all levels within an organisation to help with mental health and safety in the workplace. His message tells of how he overcame drug and alcohol addiction, and his continued battle against depression.
It is accessible and pertinent to all staff and often helps companies identify anyone who may be struggling and in need of further assistance.
In 2019 Mike received the prestigious New Zealander of the Year award.

Marketing Funds Panel

Thursday 1 July 2021

Group Marketing Fund Changes and Best Practice

Facilitated by Callum Floyd, Franchize Consultants

About Marketing Funds Panel

Group marketing funds are an important component of most franchising companies. Group marketing activity plays an important role, alongside franchisee local area marketing activities, in the development of brand recognition, customer enquiry and ultimately sales.
This panel will explore three aspects relating to franchising group marketing funds. These include challenges to existing group marketing structures and management, including the evolution of media and customer behaviour. The panel will also provide examples of group marketing fund changes. And finally, the panel will explore examples of group marketing fund structure and management best practices.

The panellists are:

  • Tyrone Foley - Burger Fuel
  • Matthew Everest - Pack and Send
  • Katrina Hammon - Wynn Williams

Legal Panel

Friday 2 July 2021

The Legal Power Hour

Facilitated by Darryl King, Jackson Russell Lawyers

About Legal Panel

An update on NZ legislative changes for franchisors. With the new government bringing in a lot of law changes the panellists will be giving an update on key legislation changes you need to know about to ensure you prosper in a changing world of law.

The panellists are:

  • Claire Byrne - Gibson Sheat
  • Deirdre Watson - Barrister
  • Michael Bright - Gaze Burt