Together Towards Tomorrow

National Franchise Conference
27-29 August 2023 | Christchurch






Wednesday 24 August 10.40 am & 11.30 am

Concurrent Sessions

Delegates can choose 2 sessions to attend.

International Franchising

Ned Lyerly

Keeping Your Mature Franchisee Fully Engaged

Greg Nathan

The majority of franchisees have been members of their franchise network for over years, which means they have substantial experience in the operations of their business. It also means that many of them will have more experience than members of the current franchisor team, and can bring a sceptical approach to the franchise relationship. In this interactive workshop, Greg Nathan will explore ways to creatively engage these mature franchisees and harness their knowledge and experience.

Workplace Compliance throughout the Franchise System

Andrew Shaw

This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Minimum Employment law Obligations for Franchising
  • The Proposed Modern Slavery and Worker Exploitation legislation
  • How to Interact with MBIE and the Labour Inspectorate
  • Case Study: Super Liqour

Proposed Fair Pay Agreements Bill

Vaughan Granier

Vaughan will give an overview on the fair pay agreements bill which is currently at select committee stage and what this will likely mean for employers should the bill be passed. This bill would set out a framework for collective bargaining for fair pay agreements across entire industries or occupations, rather than just between unions and particular employers.