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National Franchise Conference
17–19 June 2020 | Hamilton


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Ed Quinlan


Lifting Franchisee Success

Come learn about key methods, strategies, tools, resources and templates used to help drive local franchisee success within the Chem-Dry USA brand. Listening to franchisees, and then delivering on their collaborations has created some powerful tools that help franchisees win in their local marketplace. Learn how Chem-Dry measures success across its brand. Interactive session with problem-solving examples.

About Ed Quinlan

Ed Quinlan is the President of Chem-Dry, the world’s largest carpet, upholstery, tile and wood cleaning company.

MBIE - Employment New Zealand

Everything You Need to Know

This workshop will cover changes in the employment space, current updates, what this means for franchising, education – resources available. What franchisors should be checking in on with their franchisees, red flags.  Why the focus on franchising, statistics of what MBIE have been finding.

About MBIE - Employment New Zealand

Our role is to create better outcomes for all New Zealanders, particularly by supporting business growth. We are responsible for the delivery of advice, regulation and services that have a real impact on people, businesses and the environment within which they operate.

Steve LeFever & John Sgambelluri

“Magic Numbers” Understanding and Utilizing Profit & Loss

Your Magic Number: What is it, How do you Calculate it, How Can You Use it to Make Every Operating Decision?

With break-even analysis you will gain an extremely practical, yet unusually sophisticated method to analyze the present — and make better decisions about the future.

This session will offer a uniquely powerful tool, Break-Even Analysis, to provide you with an action plan to identify and capture incremental profits. This is finance like you’ve never seen it before.  Steve LeFever and John Sgambelluri are amazingly adept at presenting sophisticated financial concepts and tools in practical, understandable language. In addition, they utilize a case-study approach to reinforce teaching points and emphasize application, and the examples will be tailored to Franchising. Our no-nonsense, laugh-out-loud approach will make the time fly!

Learnings for participants:

  1. Understand how cost patterns affect profits
  2. Using Break-Even Analysis to control costs
  3. Develop relevant pricing strategies
  4. Implement a profit planning approach – and integrate it with scheduling
  5. Create an atmosphere of accountability

About Steve LeFever & John Sgambelluri

Finance = boring. For Steve LeFever, this equation doesn’t work. With a superior command of his subject material, he makes finance compelling, interesting and funny. Steve’s unique ability to take complex topics and translate them into plain English separates him from the crowd. Steve is able to motivate business owners and advisors to enthusiastically explore the financial workings of a business and change the areas that need changing. Steve will make you believe that finance ≠ boring; instead you’ll agree with him when he says, “Finance is fun!” For over 20 years, Steve has combined humour and practical knowledge in hard-hitting, substantive presentations. An internationally recognised author and advocate for independent business, Steve’s book, “Profit Mastery: Knowledge - Driven Financial Performance” has sold over one million copies.

John Sgambelluri held Senior Banking roles for over 25 years and has a long family history in small business. John has a thorough working knowledge of financial statements and successful business practices, delivering keynotes and workshops to SMEs over many years on this all-important topic. John’s ability to communicate seemingly complex financial concepts with humour and in plain English is well known and highly valued by the many groups and associations he has partnered with.